Michael Barrie

Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

1: Our division of household chores was rigged.

2: Satan-worshipping pedophiles brainwashed her.

3: Hackers hired by George Soros exposed my porn browsing history.

4: Empties in my car trunk were planted by the Deep State.

5: Venezuelan software flipped my gambling wins to losses.

6. Observers were not allowed to witness my lovemaking prowess.

7: Obama wiretapped phone calls to my old girlfriend.

8. Cries of “deadbeat!” were based on phony unemployment data

9. A motel video of “me” was deepfaked by ANTIFA.

10: Charge that I take no personal responsibility for anything is a Chinese hoax.



Michael Barrie

Michael Barrie

Writer for David Letterman and Johnny Carson. His screen credits, with Jim Mulholland, include Bad Boys, Oscar, and Amazon Women on the Moon. WGA Award winner.